Crewe 2019

North Region Racing

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  • Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX
  • May 26, 2019
  • All Day

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Crewe 2019

Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX

All Day
May 26, 2019


North Region

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Crewe 2019

Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX

All Day
May 26, 2019


Info for Riders

North Regional Rules

Riders may compete in up to, but not exceeding 5 Regionals as a Novice before being required to compete as an Expert

Clip Pedals are NOT permitted in novice categories

Side plates will be MANDATORY for all EXPERT classes

All competing EXPERT riders must have a valid Silver or Gold membership

You do not need a British Cycling membership to ride Novice

Riders MUST stay in the same age category for the whole of the series

Riders wishing to ride up an age group at regional level can do so if they are ranked top 2 at Regional level or top 8 at National level (if you are ranked lower than 8 and wish to ride up, you must request this from the North Region Committee)

Riders who ride up at regional level MUST ride up for the whole season including Club Championships, but can ride their original category at the British Championships

Riders who ride up at National level MUST ride up at the British Championships

The youngest category for riders using clipless pedals is 13 years or above

There will be a maximum 5 photographers allowed on the track during racing and all photographers must have public liability insurance

Points for the series will be logged on a Best 7 of 10

BC BMX racing regulations apply to all North Region events.  The race format will be as per National Series Regulations

The North will not be running Supercruiser for 2019. Cruiser riders will have the option between 17-39 Cruiser and 40+ Cruiser and must stay in the same category all season