Long Term BMX Development

Competition is a good servant, but a poor master.

BMXer to BMX racer!

BMX skills, including starting, pedalling at high speeds, cornering, passing, and jumping, are the foundation of BMX. But it all starts with having fun!

Our Philosophy

Compared to other types of cycling and many other sports, BMX riders often begin at a very young age.

This places a special responsibility on BMX coaches, leaders, and parents of young BMX riders.

It is essential to understand that when working with young participants, we are not simply preparing them for our sport, but for all sports – and that by offering  well-rounded development that builds physical literacy, we are also preparing them for a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Our obligation is to help every one of our riders fulfil their aspirations and be the best they can be.

Our goal is not simply to help our BMXers onto international podiums, but to ensure that every rider can enjoy participation in cycling for a lifetime.

Kids develop in their own time at their own pace, a child winning races at 7 may not be winning at 10. It is also important to take into account the number of years a child has been involved in the sport, an 8 year old that has been racing for 4 years in likely to be able to win against an older novice.

For young riders, up to about 12 years old, BMX racing should be fun, fast and competitive. Winning races may seem important, but what really counts is fun, friendship, developing skills, and learning the lessons of sport.

When the rider is ready, beginning around age 13 or 14, he or she can start developing the physical abilities, competition skills and experience that leads to World Championship and Olympic podiums. Reaching the top in this sport takes years of hard work and dedication. It demands excellent skills, athletic abilities, speed and power.

It all starts here, at the grass-roots level.


BMX skills, including starting, pedalling at high speeds, cornering, passing, and jumping, are the foundation of BMX. But it all starts with having fun!

BMX Racing is a structured sport, meaning that there are multiple levels of racing that ensure all abilities are catered for.

The broadest definitions are Novice and Expert racers, followed by Club to International racing and finally age group and gender classes. This structure allows for a wider participation, safer racing and the opportunity to join in at any age or ability level.

Riders categorised as Expert are allowed to enter all races from Club to International (some other criteria apply), whilst those in the Novice category are only allowed to participate in Club and Regional Races.

Out Rider Development Programme has been designed with this structure in mind, we aim to equip our riders with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them progress through the various levels.

The Rider Development Programme consists of five levels, guiding our riders from their first races through to International level events.

Level 1 – Novice Club/Regional
Level 2 – Expert Club/Regional
Level 3 – Expert Club/Regional and National
Level 4 – Expert Club/Regional , National and European
Level 5 – Expert Club/Regional, National, European and Worlds

Each Level has either two or three sections – Flat, Track & Knowledge.

On the Flat, our riders learn balance, bike handling skills, the basics of manualing and jumping.

During the Track portions riders will learn and develop everything from Start Gate balance and technique, pumping, manualing and jumping, how to take different lines through the berms and other race-craft.

The Knowledge sessions are design to give our rider an understating of bike maintenance, rules and regulations, race-craft training and development.

Riders are monitored during Club Coaching sessions and are invited to attend an intensive course when the Coaches think you are ready to progress.