About me

I started to ride a BMX bike at the age of 4. My two brothers raced BMX and I used to go along to watch them. When I first started to race there were very few female riders so I used to have to race with the boys but it is great to see how much the sport has grown over the years and that there are now a lot more females racing in the UK.

I have been very lucky to have raced all over the UK as well as racing in Europe and Worldwide.  I have won 3 World plates and last year was the best experience I had going to Azerbaijan and getting World No 2.

My piece of advice for any new rider is that you have to train hard to get better and never give up.

Personal info

  • EJ
  • 11th November 2004
  • Eccleston
  • 5
  • Mid Lancs BMX
  • Cumbernauld

Social Profiles

Major Achievements

  • W2 – 2018, W8-2015, W3-2012. In 2018 I won two European rounds.
  • 2018 National No2
  • Not Given
  • Not Given
  • GT Factory Team

General Info

  • In my spare time I enjoy baking.
  • I enjoy lots of other sports including snow skiing, water skiing, running, track and road cycling and football.
  • Cadburys Bruch Bar
  • Laura Smulders because she is an inspiration for what she has achieved
  • Dylan Clayton