About me

I have been riding BMX for around 5-6 years, and have made many new friends and learned and progressed a lot. I picked up my first sponsor (Indy Racing BMX) at the start of 2017, which really helped me push myself and I made new friends and set higher goals for myself as I was now racing for a team. In 2016, I made my first semi-final at a national, which boosted my confidence and I became national no. 33 that year. 2018 has also been a very good year for me, getting a 4th place at the north club champs and becoming N4, and also becoming British no. 28 and national no.34, which I am pretty happy with. My goals for the future are to keep improving my ranks year by year, and to eventually be riding BMX at a high level.

Personal info

  • Don’t have one
  • 7th April 2005
  • Chorley
  • 8
  • Mid Lancs BMX
  • Hartlepool

Social Profiles

Major Achievements

  • Not yet...
  • #34 in 2018
  • 4th in 2016 in the regional series
  • 3rd in 2017
  • Indy Racing BMX

General Info

  • I am a Vegetarian
  • MTBing, Free Running
  • Oreo Bites
  • Kye Whyte because he is only 19 and is E2 at elite level.
  • N/A