About me

I started BMX in 2014, so I’m still pretty new to the sport. I have competed in North region races for the past three years and got some really good results, regularly qualifying for A finals. In the future I’d like to compete in nationals and hope to get a national ranking. My advice to new/younger riders is “Don’t give up” It’s challenging but you will get the results if you practise lots. You don’t have to be the best rider on the gate, you just have to believe that you are.

Personal info

  • Will
  • 30th July 2004
  • Chorley
  • 10
  • Mid Lancs BMX
  • Hartlepool

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  • The Bike Cabin

General Info

  • I am really good at food tech in school, sometimes I get Master Chef.
  • Gym, MTB, Sleeping & Eating
  • Gym, MTB, Sleeping & Eating
  • CJ Darby taught me so much and is very easy to get on with
  • Dean Darby