Website Launch

By March 2, 2019 March 3rd, 2019 Announcements

Mid Lancs BMX Website

The Committee at Mid Lancs BMX Racing Club are excited to announce the launch of our new website, which can be found at, make sure you bookmark the link and visit it often.

The term ‘website’ may not do it full justice, it is more of a ‘web application’ where our users can interact with the site in a number of ways.

Listed below are some of the main feature of the site;

  • Site Membership
  • Club Membership
  • Race Registration
  • Race Information
  • Race Results
  • Rider Profiles
  • Message Board

Site Membership

This should not to be confused with the Club Membership. Several areas and functionality of the website are hidden from the general public and need you to be a website member in order to access them (though most things are visible to the general public).

From the main menu, go to the Sign Up link and fill in the required details, then click the Registration button. You will then be asked to verify via email, once completed you will have full access to the website, including your own profile page (not to be confused with the Rider Profile Page), where you can add details as you wish along with profile images. I suspect most users will be familiar with the set up and have no issues figuring things out, but just in case, I will be proving a tutorial and optimum image sizes as soon as I can.

The ability to verify your account via email will only be available for a few days after the website goes live, after that period you will have to wait for admin approval. The reason for this is fairly simple, we want to keep spammers to a minimum (difficult to eradicate altogether), and we assume that most people will register as soon as they get this email.

When logged in to the website, you will notice an extra link in the main menu, Memberships, this link will lead you to the online Club Membership pages.

Club Memberships

The Committee has decided to bring the Club more up to date and, hopefully, make life simpler for everyone by implementing an online Club Membership system. The levels of Membership will remain the same i.e. Children’s, Adults and Family Memberships, but you can now fill in the appropriate forms online. The system is annually recurring, meaning that you only need to fill in the forms once and each year your Memberships will automatically renew, obviously, if your circumstance change you will need to let the Club know and if you leave the Club you can cancel your Membership. Once you have filled in the form you pay online through Stripe using your debit/credit card, the Club does not track or retain your card details as everything is done via Stripe.

In order to comply with the required legislation you will still have the ability to get your Club Membership the old school way in the cabin.

Race Registration

The website will maintain a calendar with all the upcoming BMX related events and races, each event/race will have its own listing and a link to where you can find more details and register for that particular event/race.

In the case of Mid Lancs Club Racing, the registration will now be done through the website, this is more or less the exact same process as currently used on Event Bright (though simpler). As it stands at the moment the Club Race registration process does not take the fees for the race, but this may change in the near future.

Message Board

Website registered users have the ability to post messages on their profiles and other users have the option to comment, this could easily become a functionality we come to regret, so here are some basic guidelines and yes it will be monitored. This is not Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site, so we would appreciate your posts to be BMX related – we really do not want to see pictures of your stupid cat doing dumb things, unless its demonstrating a perfect manual or discussing high-in/low-out race lines keep them to yourself. This is not a place for name calling and/or bullying nor is it a place for either foul or inappropriate language or topics (stick to BMX), nor is it a place to air grievances regarding the Club, Club Committee Members or other Club Members, as the Club has a set process for these types of things. Anyone violating these guidelines risks losing their privileges to post comments.

Other Information

Some of the sections are a little light on content at the moment but will fill up over time, race results, race reports, photos and videos, news and so on will fill up over time. Regarding the photos and videos, BMX Widow has agreed to be the official Club photographers, which is appreciated, but the Club would welcome Member submitted content such as videos and race reports, so if you are interested in writing please contact one of the committee members.

The website and the functionality has been tested rigorously and all appears to be working as it should. However, it would be a miracle if everything was perfect on a project of this size and complexity, so if you find any issues or errors please contact us to let us know so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. You can contact us from the Contact Us page and select ‘Website Issues’ from the dropdown then add you comment to the message box or directly using

Rider Profiles

The Rider Profile gives you the chance to highlight your Riders achievements in their BMX Racing career, no matter how new to racing they are. It can also act as a record of their evolvement over time as you will the opportunity to update it each year.

There is a link to a form for you to fill in on the Rider Profiles page, please give as many of the details as possible in the format requested and the type of pictures in the orientation needed to fit the layout of the page.

It takes quite a bit of time to upload and a format the profiles, so do not be alarmed if you submit your Rider and it takes a few days to get it on the website and will be done on a first come first serve basis.

I hope you all get a lot of pleasure and useful information from using the website.